RUG PhD Coordinators and Councils

Faculties and Graduate Schools have PhD Coordinators and some also have PhD councils which represent the interests of the PhD students of that faculty or Graduate School. They can also help you with specific questions and problems.
Faculty: Arts
Grad School: Humanities
PhD Coordinator: C.B. McCully
PhD Council: Phd.Council.Hum[ at ]
Faculty: Behavioral and Social Sciences
Grad School: Behavioral and Social Sciences
PhD Coordinator: Maike v.d. Vlugt
PhD Council: phdcouncilpsychology[ at ]
Faculty: Economics and Business
Grad School: Economics and Business
PhD Coordinator: Linda Toolsema
PhD Council: m.onrust[ at ]
Faculty: Law
Grad School: Law
PhD Coordinator: Joop Houtman
PhD Council:[ at ]
Faculty: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Grad School: Science
PhD Coordinator: Anke Schuster-Koster
PhD Council: phdcouncil.fmns[ at ]
Faculty: Medical Sciences
Grad School: Medical Sciences
PhD Coordinator: Maaike Banseman and Riekje Banus
PhD Council: phdcouncilgsms[ at ]
Faculty: Philosophy
Grad School: Philosophy
PhD Coordinator: Frank Hindriks
PhD Council: phdcouncil.frw[ at ]
Faculty: Spatial Sciences
Grad School: Spatial Sciences
PhD Coordinator: I. Hutter
PhD Council: phdcouncil.frw[ at ]
Faculty: Theology and Religious Studies
Grad School: Theology and Religious Studies
PhD Coordinator: Mirjam Buigel
PhD Council: r.a.wagenvoorde[ at ]