GRIN Updates June 2012

Some updates about the work and issues we’ve been dealing with in the last months.

Supporting PhDs with:

a) Tax Related Problems: We’ve continued to get reports regarding tax issues which were about getting a new job while in the same year that the bursary contract ended or marrying a dutch citizen. We’ve published more information regarding those issues on our homepage.

b) Insurance related Problems: We have received various e-mails regarding issues with insurance. This problem, similar to the tax issue is related to changes in residence status (from bursary to employ or from foreigner to dutch citizen). Information was provided via mail as well as on our homapage.

c) Monitored the situation in Haren/Zernike and the Harmonie Building where renovation activities have forced PhDs to move their offices and/or laboratory equipment/ research specimen, causing problems with ongoing research and to this effect delaying their work. GRIN provided information to these PhDs. Moreover, we will keep track of the problems and will intervene on behalf of the affected PhD students.

d) We provided information about housing to PhD students

e) PhD students are informed about issues varying from education level, supervision quality to housing by means of the results of various questionnaires. These results were published on our home page.

We’ve just acquired Gildeprints as a partner.

Connecting the PhD councils in Groningen:
We organized the overarching PhD council organization (OPO). During this event, we’ve held a meeting with representatives of councils of each graduate school and had a lively discussion about standards and the various activities. During this meeting we have collected information about the size, budget and compensation of the various councils, which vary increasingly between different PhD councils within the RuG.

PhD Days
The council of the graduate school BCN has just done a very successful PhD day about “Social Media and Clear Communication”  in science and how to use it to promote your work to the broad public as well as to your peers.
Gopher (our sister organization) is organizing a PhD Day this year on the 22nd of August. Its meant to develop skills and solve everyday problems with the help of the University Career Development Centre and the RUG language centre. Also, in order to help PhD’s orient themselves on future careers, whether in or outside of the academia, they organize QA-sessions with representatives of organizations such as NWO and companies which include GlaxoSmithKline, Elsevier and Philips.

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